35 years of experience with (special) transport

G. Vlastuin Transport was founded in 1983; back then, the company consisted of a single flatbed semi-trailer that was used to transport steel frames and silos, among other things. We still transport such goods regularly. Throughout the entire history of our company, we have also engaged in the transport of bulk goods such as animal feed. We then purchased a euro flatbed semi-trailer in 1995, increasing our business operations' emphasis on special transport. This side of our business grew steadily from the year 2000 onwards; as of 2005, G. Vlastuin has been positioning itself primarily as a company that specialises in transporting loads of extraordinary length, width, or height. From the company's foundation onwards, safety, flexibility, and involvement have been our creed. Even more so than other types of transport, special transport requires teamwork, with all of the links in the chain functioning perfectly. A single centimeter can make all the difference. G. Vlastuin Transport has a highly driven set of employees that combine into the perfect team. Our people are true professionals that trust one another blindly, and perform their duties carefully and meticulously. Are you curious about doing business with G. Vlastuin Transport in the future? If so, contact us right away for a non-binding initial conversation by calling (0318) 57 18 27 or sending an email to info@vlastuin.eu.